Bridging talent

At Greenline, we do not just take care of the recruitment needs of our clients. We also provide them with complete human resource solutions in terms of finding the best candidates for their project / workflow completion. We follow best in class methods for efficient manpower planning, and seamlessly coordinate the entire screening process to find the best talent suitable for a specific project.

How We Help the Employers

Most hiring agencies limit their services to a cursory analysis of resumes and conducting one-on-one interactive sessions with potential candidates. We, on the other hand begin our HR recruiting process with a complete understanding of the client organization’s hiring requirements. Simultaneously, we also analyze in detail the inherent strength of each applicant and try to understand the potential of his/her resume beyond the words written on paper. We then select the best talent suitable for each organization according to its specific requirement.

We follow a transparent selection process to populate Greenline’s pool of potential candidates. We are positive organizations will find the best professionals, who are skilled in the industry and meet the required criteria, through our placement consultancy.

How We Support the Job Seekers

When it comes to job seekers, we start by discovering their true aptitude and areas of expertise. We then handpick the most suited opportunities available on board, rather than randomly placing him/her in a post where they might not really fit. This guarantees that each candidate enjoys job satisfaction and has a favourable career growth pattern, besides being remunerated with a good monetary package.

Professional and skilled job seekers who are looking for lucrative job opportunities with ample growth prospects will not be disappointed with our services. We offer our candidates the best available placement opportunities, ensuring complete job satisfaction and a scalable career path.

At Greenline, we use proven methodologies to ensure the right selection of candidates for organizations, and top-notch jobs for the job seekers enrolled with us.

We conduct the entire recruitment process based on meticulous assessment, thereby offering the best manpower selection and job placement solutions. Through the years, we have built quality employee-employer coordination, delivering the best value for the money, time, and trust our clients have bestowed in us.

Our HR Recruitment Process

We coordinate the entire HR recruitment process with the clients’ requirements in mind, employing our on-going research and screening process. We always look for excellent candidates within the allied industry, unlike the norm, which is to find people across industries who can perform the job moderately well.

The head hunting strategy we adopt is a win-win situation for both the hiring organizations and individuals looking for suitable jobs.

  • Organizations get to hire the best available talent against their vacancy.
  • Candidates are placed in the best positions for their role, giving them job satisfaction and future growth opportunities.

We conduct our manpower selection process a bit differently from the traditional candidate screening procedure. We use the advanced “Recruiting Failure Point Identification” process or “Recruiting FPI” process. To be precise, our HR consultants use three different approaches to identify the weak/failure points of the hiring process.

The three approaches are:

  • Reviewing each of the distinctive steps in the recruiting process to recognize failure points.
  • Using a winning model to recognize failure points.
  • Using surveys to recognize what’s working and what’s not working within the process.

The Successful 12-Step Greenline Recruitment Process:

  • Decide on the ideal target for recruitment
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the decision making/planning process of recruitment target
  • Find alternative recruitment targets
  • Make a pipeline of the recruitment target: understanding the employer’s workflow and hiring perspective
  • Initiate head hunting search with/without filter
  • First hand selection of candidates
  • Brief the prospects about the employment opportunity
  • Sort applications by requirement vs. available qualification
  • Step by step screening method
  • One on one interview (first round)
  • Manage and coordinate the on-board process
  • Monitor the recruitment for at least 1-2 months for feedback.

We offer tailor-made solutions for our clients depending on the modality of manpower requirement. Our team of recruitment consultants finalises the pool of candidates, not just based on their experience and expertise, but also based on their industry awareness and their career growth plan.

Our comprehensive and proven HR recruitment process takes care of all the staffing needs, offers unique support for employee retention, and provides solutions that lead to the organization’s overall progress and success.